How Will You Respond When Your Life Is on the Line?

Practice with simulation training software in Flint, MI

While no one can be fully prepared for a life-or-death scenario, proper training can help your instincts kick in when you need them the most. That's why Marsh Personal Protection Service offers simulation training for clients in Flint, Flushing & Burton, MI and the surrounding areas. Using advanced computer software, we can help police officers or security personnel practice real-life scenarios in a safe environment.

SIM training is currently being used by military and security forces throughout the world. If you're interested in using SIM training for yourself or your security team, reach out to us today.

Top benefits of using simulated training software

Top benefits of using simulated training software

Combining physical training and role-playing with simulation training is the best way to prepare officers and security personnel for a real-life encounter. SIM training has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Giving trainees a safe environment
  • Teaching users how to control and manage stress
  • Providing realistic active-shooter training

The results will speak for themselves. Contact us today to learn more about simulated training programs.