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If you want to be able to protect yourself no matter what comes your way, you should enroll in one of our conceal carry classes. Based out of Flint, MI, Marsh Personal Protection Service is licensed to conduct firearms training in many different states. We offer both individual and group lessons.

We offer CPL classes, Business firearm training, basic firearm training.
We'll make sure you feel confident in your ability to protect yourself. Reach out today for an updated schedule of classes.

Top 3 reasons to take classes with us

Top 3 reasons to take classes with us

Wondering how you can benefit from one of our conceal carry classes? You should work with us if you want to:

1. Have confidence that you can protect yourself well
2. Brush up on your firearms training
3. Work towards getting your conceal carry permit

We're a trusted provider of firearms training with over 30 years of experience. Get peace of mind by scheduling an appointment today.